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What is Trier Digital?

My name’s Jeppe and I am the person behind Trier Digital. 

I am an independent online marketing consultant, based in Denmark, and with a passion for creating good results for my customers. The foundation behind Trier Digital is transparency and honesty. I want to be able to vouch for my work and therefore I only focus on what I do best, advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

I offer close cooperation with my customers to achieve the best possible results. I make sure that I’m able to provide 100% focus to each client, without any compromise.

We Offer

Responsibility for advertising your company, so you get the most out of your advertising budget, through our competencies.

Your presence on social media starts now.

Increased revenue

If you're serious about increasing your revenue, the right advertising on social media is a crucial element to achieving your goals.

Lead generation

Collecting leads from potential customers can be essential for a sale. Get the newsletter expanded and collect more relevant leads.

Social Awareness

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world, and has millions of active users every day, with the best segmentation options on the market.

Close cooperation

Close cooperation ensures good results. The client's wishes and goals must be at the forefront, and this is achieved with a close 1:1 collaboration.

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