How we generated $15.423 in revenue in 30-days

Below you can see the case study about what we did to generate one of our clients $15.423 in revenue in just 30-days. The client were doing his ads by himself and achieved a ROAS 0.77x after 30-days we managed to achieve a ROAS 7.52x without using new content.

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At TrierDigital we speciale in online strategy and paid-ads on social media. We’ve specialized and educated ourselves to become some of the best at creating and executing a social media advertising strategy. We’re a data driven agency and all our actions are aimed towards maximizing your return of investment.

We strongly encourage everyone to book in a free 15 minute demo-call as it’s an efficient and fast way of deciding if we can help you or not Because we value this demo-call so much we only have two requirements:

  1. You need to be willing to scale your business with the aim of achieving record high revenue month after month.
  2. You have to have at least $4000 in recurring revenue each month.

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